Webinar Recording: Eyes Wide Shut – How to Avoid Missed Opportunities and Plan for Future Business Success

The global landscape is riddled with corporations and entire industries hobbling along or on life support due to complications from missed opportunities. Consider:

  • Sears missed the future of retailing
  • IBM is in danger if missing “the cloud”
  • Heart surgeons missed the impact of better meds
  • Music companies missed the future of music downloads
  • The financial industry has missed so many futures they are the poster child for crisis management

On the other hand, for every fallen giant, there is an organization or industry standing tall and riding high on the waves of success. Some business leaders seem to be able to sense trends and steer their organizations toward attractive waters and abundant futures.

Enjoy this webinar to learn what it takes to prepare your organization for a successful future. Bill Welter, the President of Adaptive Strategies will introduce you to a four phase strategic thinking cycle for:

  • Sensing the signals of tomorrow
  • Making sense out of those signals
  • Deciding on a course of action
  • Acting on decisions

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