Webinar Recording: Demystifying Strategy: How Can They Execute What They Don’t Understand?

Too often, the company strategy is a mystery to the people who need to understand it the most – the managers and workers called upon to make it happen. These crucial individuals can recite the “elevator speech” but are not really sure how to transform words into actions that produce results. Why does this happen and what can be done about it?

If some, or all, of these sentiments run through your department or organization:

  • Everything seems to be going so well. Why are we ‘changing course?’
  • We are an internal department. What do we have to do with the marketplace or the competition?
  • Another initiative? With all of these initiatives, when are we supposed to do our jobs?

Watch this webinar to learn how to appropriately think about the future, better understand where they fit in the “big picture” and work well at the speed of change.

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