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Following is a listing of each of the Ascendis Masterminds for Managers webinar sessions with a short description. Click the webinar title to launch the recording.

Demystifying Strategy: How Can They Execute What They Don’t Understand? (March 2015)

Too often, the company strategy is a mystery to the people who need to understand it the most – the managers and workers called upon to make it happen. These crucial individuals can recite the “elevator speech,” but they are not really sure how to transform words into actions that produce results. Why does this happen and what can be done about it?

If some, or all, of these sentiments run through your department or organization:

  • Everything seems to be going so well. Why are we “changing course?”
  • We are an internal department. What do we have to do with the marketplace or the competition?
  • Another initiative? With all of these initiatives, when are we supposed to do our jobs?

Adaptive Strategies President and leadership expert, Bill Welter, will unveil the five specific questions managers and professionals need to ask and answer. This is an excellent opportunity for those who contribute to the development or execution of a business unit or functional strategies to experience first-hand how Bill and his team can equip you to help managers, professionals and front-line supervisors do the following:

  • Think about the future
  • Better understand where they fit in the “big picture”
  • Work well at the speed of change

For additional resources from our expert, Bill Welter, be sure to check out Adaptive Strategies’ page on our website.

Making That Critical Initial Call on a C-Level Executive (January 2015)

Do you know the number one reason why C-Suite executives are willing to meet with sales professionals from vendor organizations? The answer might surprise you. It is to tap into the value of the salesperson’s knowledge and experience. Executives meet with vendors because the solutions and experience they offer exceed what people in their own organizations possess or can develop. Given the significance of this insight, how confident are you in your salespeople’s ability to access the right executives and clearly differentiate their value to them? Have you thought about the implications for your business if your salespeople can’t get that initial access?

This webinar explores:

  • Details around why salespeople need to meet with executives and why executives want to meet with salespeople
  • Identifying the relevant executive for the sales opportunity and preparing your approach to that executive
  • What salespeople need to do before they make those critical calls on C-level executives
  • How salespeople can circumvent those inevitable roadblocks

This webinar promises to be informative, relevant, and timely for sales managers, as well as sales and sales training executives, as well as others in the organization responsible for interacting with C-Suite executives, and for those charged with developing the competencies of sales professionals.

For additional resources, be sure to visit SellXL’s expert page on our website.

Taking the Pain Out of Change (November 2014)

Recent brain research has proven what most who have led or participated in transformative initiatives already know; change is painful. Change triggers the same defensive response as a circling shark in ocean waters.

Here’s proof:

  • Business leader’s obsession with ceaselessly overhauling operations, systems, processes, and structures keeps people in perpetual “fight or flight” mode. It’s tremendously taxing.
  • Immeasurable energy is spent resisting change, struggling with change, or stressing out over change.
  • As a result, we see low morale, loss of productivity and long, costly delays as changes fail to be implemented as quickly as needed. However, succumbing to the status quo is not a viable option.

The good news is Rich Brandt of RDR will share the secret to consistent successful organizational transformation in this Ascendis Masterminds for Managers webinar recording.

Leaders in profit and non-profit organizations who need a culture defined by agility and an enlarged capacity for change and innovation won’t want to miss our November Ascendis Masterminds for Managers webinar! Join us to find out…

  • How to respond constructively to challenges that inhibit productivity
  • What it takes to convert business transitions into opportunities for growth
  • Which indicators signal when organizations can benefit from a healthy dose of resilience

For additional resources from our expert, Rich Brandt, be sure to check out RDR’s page on our website.

Killer Content Marketing: Putting Words to Work for Your Business (September 2014)

Whether you want your business to come to life for buyers, investors or potential hires on the Web; at a conference, or through a printed postcard, you will need attention-grabbing, heart-pounding and mouth-watering messaging.

To get a taste of how four-time award-winning author and social media consultant Lauren Young, of Freshly Baked Communications, works her magic with words. This Webinar shows marketing professionals, sales executives, talent acquisition managers and public relations gurus how to think like a buyer, who is unaware of your company, and write irresistible copy like an ad exec.

See for yourself what a powerful impact this program could have on your business and, in the process, learn new methods to:•

  • Gain firsthand knowledge of your audience.
  • Discover where to search for motivation and where to find inspiration for content.
  • Plan a messaging strategy based on audience behavior.
  •  Avoid the Wall of Shame (understanding the do’s and don’ts of writing content).

This Webinar is an interactive, fun, not-to-be missed experience for everyone from newbies to marketing and experienced business executives alike!

For additional resources from our expert, Lauren Young, be sure to check out Freshly Baked Communications’ page on our website.

Eyes Wide Shut: How to Avoid Missed Opportunities and Plan for Future Success (July 2014)

At the top of every business leader’s mind is the question, “What does the future hold?” Whether the future is 12 months or 12 years from now, making sure the organization survives and thrives for the duration weighs heavily on the shoulders of those who set and execute the strategy. The global landscape is riddled with corporations and entire industries hobbling along or on life support due to complications from missed opportunities. Consider:

  • Sears missed the future of retailing.
  • IBM is in danger of missing “the cloud.”
  • Heart surgeons missed the impact of better medications.
  • Music companies missed the future of music downloads.
  • The financial industry has missed so many futures, it is the poster child for crisis management.

On the other hand, for every fallen giant, there is an organization or industry standing tall and riding high on the waves of success. No one has a crystal ball. Yet, some business leaders seem to be able to sense trends and steer their organizations toward attractive waters and abundant futures. Learn what it takes to prepare your organization for a successful future. Bill Welter, president of Adaptive Strategies, will introduce participants to a four phase strategic thinking cycle for:

  • Sensing the signals of tomorrow
  • Making sense out of those signals
  • Deciding on a course of action
  • Acting on decisions

Professionals responsible for creating and/or executing their organization’s strategy do not want to miss this opportunity! Investing an hour to participate in this innovative webinar can change the course of your organization’s future for the better!

For additional resources from our expert, Bill Welter, be sure to check out Adaptive Strategies’ page on our website.

Sales Excellence in 2014: Method Over Madness (May 2014)

Research shows that organizations which embrace formal sales methods significantly outperform their competitors by at least 20 percent. Why is formal method so important? The reasons have to do with changes in how customers buy. For example:

  1. Customers now rate the buying experience as not only more important in purchasing decisions, but also much more variable than issues of products, price, brand or even service.s
  2. There are many more players involved in buying decisions. This makes sense, as solutions have become more complex and often more customized with increased pressure to spend every dollar wisely.

What this adds up to is a situation where the efforts of a highly collaborative and well-coordinated sales team are ever more important. Arie DeGeus, of Shell Oil, said it best. “The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only truly sustainable advantage.”

If you are a sales leader and/or responsible for developing sales effectiveness in your organization, find out how your organization can…

  • Learn how to consistently build and reinforce the four most important sales abilities.
  • Use sophisticated sales methods to address six key challenges affecting sales organizations today.
  • Evaluate methods with an eye to making sure they will “stick” in your actual environment.

For additional resources from our expert, Anatolia and Paul Conover, be sure to check out their page on our website.

Accelerating Leadership Development for Gen Y and Millennials (March 2014)

They say the team with the “deepest bench” wins the championship. How strong is your “bench” of leaders? How would your organization perform if your future leaders had to take over the helm now? What are you doing to develop the next generation of leaders? Many organizations are facing a fast approaching leadership gap. They are racing to prevent a shortfall between today’s leadership capacity and tomorrow’s vastly more challenging leadership requirements. How is your organization addressing actual versus forecasted leadership capacity?

A strong deep bench of leaders able to sustain competitive advantage needs to be effectively planned and rapidly executed to keep up with market demands and changing workforce dynamics. If you are responsible for leadership development, talent management and retention, succession planning, and/or management training for your organization, be sure to check out the recording to learn:

  • How to crack the code on accelerated leadership development for your organization;
  • How some of the world’s leading companies are building their leadership bench strength and reaping the rewards; and
  • If your organization is a good fit for Magnetic Leadership.

For additional resources from our expert, Profitability and Alex Draper, be sure to check out their page on our website.

A Strange, But Effective Way to Get Leads on LinkedIn (January 2014)

When you use LinkedIn does it feel like an effective process or a burdensome project? Effectively netting leads on LinkedIn depends on one thing: creating irresistible curiosity in you. The more intense curiosity the more attention, response and leads you’ll generate. It really is that simple. In the next Masterminds for Managers Webinar, Jeff Molander will show us a strange, but effective place to start. Come learn his practical, repeatable approach―step-by-step.

You will learn:

  • A faster way to get attention, engagement and business leads in LinkedIn groups
  • How, when & where to put calls-to-action in your LinkedIn profile that drive response
  • 3 essential lessons LinkedIn consultants won’t tell you (that really work)

For additional resources from our expert, Jeff Molander, be sure to check out his page on our website.

Offsite and on the Mark: Virtual Teams Real Results (November 2013)

If you work with or lead staff, vendors, clients, executives, and other stakeholders located “off-site,” join us to explore:

  • The impacts of complexity and reliance on virtual teams
  • Best practices of thriving virtual teams
  • Steps you can take to enhance the performance and productivity of your virtual team

This webinar is rich with relevant insights and practical strategies you can apply immediately to change your team’s trajectory. Be prepared for a fresh perspective on what it takes to lead a successful global virtual team.

For additional resources from Partners In Development, be sure to check out their expert page on our website.

Selling to the C-Suite: Earning a Seat at the Table (September 2013)

How confident are you in your salespeople’s ability to clearly differentiate their value to C-suite executives? Have you thought about the implications for your business if your salespeople do not excel in this capability?

Join Dr. Steve Bistritz, President of SellXL, to explore:

  • Details around why executives meet with salespeople
  • Identifying the relevant executive for the sales opportunity
  • The components of a differentiated valued proposition
  • How to articulate value by helping executives see their business from a fresh n

For additional resources, be sure to visit SellXL’s expert page on our website.

Communicating for Impact: Skills for Technical Audiences (June 2013)

This webinar addresses solutions to various in-person and interactive communication challenges by examining industry trends and providing ideas for how to help you communicate more effectively with your peers, clients and colleagues.

This webinar examines:

  • Tips to reduce inefficiencies caused by miscommunication
  • The key requirements of effective business communication
  • Best practices to communicate with different organizations and audiences
  • For additional resources, be sure to visit Drake Resource Group page on our website.

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