Webinar Recording: Living Locally, Working Globally

Living Locally, Working Globally

Are you juggling late night and pre-dawn meetings to accommodate team members around the world? Do you wish Outlook Calendar could show more than 2 time-zones at once? If “Name That Accent” were a game show would you be the reigning champion? Sounds like you are in charge of a global virtual team!

Leaders managing geographically dispersed teams face a range of unique challenges including:

• Building trust among team members
• Communicating effectively across time zones and cultures
• Tracking performance and productivity
• Making decisions

More than half of the growing number of virtual teams deployed around the world will be derailed by these challenges and fail to meet their objectives. The good news, however, is that well-managed virtual teams foster innovation, increase job satisfaction, and generally outperform other types of teams!

If you work with or lead staff, vendors, clients, executives, and other stakeholders located “off-site,” join us to explore:

• The impacts of complexity and reliance on virtual teams
• Best practices of thriving virtual teams
• Steps you can take to enhance the performance and productivity of your virtual team

This webinar is rich with relevant insights and practical strategies you can apply immediately to change your team’s trajectory. Be prepared for a fresh perspective on what it takes to lead a successful global virtual team.

Click this link to view the Living Locally, Working Globally webinar.