Telephone Skills

Professional Techniques That Impact Your Business.

There is an art to professionally and effectively dealing with callers on a daily basis. What each caller hears and in what type of tone, speaks volumes about the type of organization you have. Expertise in handling difficult calls can make or break a customer relationship!

This half-day workshop provides the principles and techniques of excellent telephone skills for anyone dealing with internal or external clients.

Offering Details

What you will learn:

• The importance of professional phone skills and how they reflect on your business image
• How to answer the phone in a pleasant and courteous manner
• Ways to manage all types of calls, including those from angry customers
• Techniques for working with callers from other cultures who have language differences
• Tips for clearly communicating schedule changes, service requests or other important information
• How to transfer calls, use voicemail and politely put people “on hold”
• Methods for quickly and effectively handling emergency calls

Bring it to your organization

The workshop can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. To offer the course in-house or to purchase these course materials, enter your information below or call us at 1.847.540.0655.

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