Taking the pain out of change – Webinar Recording

Taking the Pain Out of Change
Masterminds for Managers – A Virtual Event

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Recent brain research has proven what most who have led or participated in transformative initiatives already know; change is painful. Change triggers the same defensive response as a circling shark in ocean waters.

Here’s proof:

• Business leader’s obsession with ceaselessly overhauling operations, systems, processes, and structures keeps people in perpetual “fight or flight” mode. It’s tremendously taxing.
• Immeasurable energy is spent resisting change, struggling with change, or stressing out over change.
• As a result, we see low morale, loss of productivity and long, costly delays as changes fail to be implemented as quickly as needed. However, succumbing to the status quo is not a viable option.

The good news is Rich Brandt of RDR will share the secret to consistent successful organizational transformation in this Ascendis Masterminds for Managers webinar recording.

Leaders in profit and non-profit organizations who need a culture defined by agility and an enlarged capacity for change and innovation won’t want to miss our November Ascendis Masterminds for Managers webinar! Join us to find out…

• How to respond constructively to challenges that inhibit productivity
• What it takes to convert business transitions into opportunities for growth
• Which indicators signal when organizations can benefit from a healthy dose of resilience

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