Stir It Up: Fresh Concepts for Creative & Divergent Thinking

Before you can make an authentic connection and permit others to show loyalty toward your brand, they must first appreciate your level of creativity. And, to stand out in your field, you must learn to become a divergent thinker. In this presentation, Lauren introduces the traits of divergent thinkers, as well as interactive instruction to challenge you on how you can develop new methods to engage current clients or attract new interest in your business when using social media as part of your brand marketing strategy.

In this Workshop, participants will learn:

• Which historical figures represent the four styles of divergent thinkers
• How to identify which type of divergent thinker YOU are
• Three methods to implement divergent thinking and engage customers on social media

Participants are invited to take part in the Forget Being Forgotten Challenge – an interactive competition that measures creativity and your ability to think divergently in four categories: Fluency, Originality, Flexibility and Elaboration.

Program Duration
1 hour

Program Location

Delivery Methods
Classroom, Tool/Resource, Coaching

Individual Pricing
$350 (10% Discount for Groups of 3 or More)
Groups up to 20.

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