Sextant Business Navigation System

High performance organizations achieve excellence in four disciplines: strategy, organization, operations, and accountability. The Sextant Company provides coaching to help leaders master these disciplines using a proprietary process for planning and implementation.

In this process, functional leaders and key stakeholders analyze the organization’s mission, performance and capabilities, market opportunities, and competitors. These highly participative sessions, typically spanning eight to twelve weeks, leverage communication and accountability processes to engage all levels of the organization. Sextant facilitators provide strategic direction as well as “hands-on” coaching to hold the team accountable during planning and implementation phases.

The result? An actionable plan for growth.

The teams develop an integrated strategy that is tailored to their business goals, measurable, with defined outcomes and assigned owners. They also establish the metrics and communication processes to respond and adjust to changes in the marketplace.

You will learn how to:

• Apply the four-part Sextant Business Navigation System to develop and execute your growth strategy and tactics
• Set measurable business goals (strategic and operating objectives)
• Identify critical success gaps and develop strategies to close them
• Foster buy-in across your team, aligning work to goals and strategies
• Create a culture of execution

“The Sextant Company’s approach to business planning has enabled us to create a specific plan that addresses the uniqueness of our company! Clark plays a key role in keeping me as owner/CEO and my team accountable and on track to make sure we achieve our goals. We are solving real problems and seeing definite improvements to the business.”
– Janet Kaiser, President & CEO, Century Metal Spinning

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