Samurai Sales Mastery™ Virtual-Blue Belt

The Samurai Sales Mastery Blue Belt Program is a series of six sessions designed to provide the participant with the foundational principles of the Samurai Sales Mastery Program. This program is designed to be a complete sales training program that willimmediately improve the sales performance of the participant. The program is designed to stand alone or as a component of the complete Sales Mastery Series Black Belt Program.

The program is based on a combination of academic research, proven principles of human behavior, and the best sales and marketing practices. It provides a framework that is adaptable to each organization’s culture and markets and the individual sales person’s personality.

Instead of the usual manipulative and sales-oriented approaches that create an atmosphere of distrust, the Samurai WaySMcreates a collaborative environment with the prospect, based on mutual respect and trust, to come to a mutually rewarding conclusion.

People hate to be sold, but they love to buy.

Our blended-learning training techniques follow the Harvard Adult Learning Model, which utilizes an adult’s life experiences and critical thinking skills to expedite the learning process, thereby ensuring that the executives and professionals involved in the program will be challenged and stimulated. The training sessions draw from the participant’s real life experiences and help them apply the concepts to actual sales situations. Each session includes pre-session preparation and post-session reinforcement.

Each webinar will be conducted from 1:00 to 2:30 PM Central Time. Participants will receive a Participant’s Guide which should be completed prior to the webinar.

Webinar 1: Understanding Human Behavior

In every market there is one constant – there is a human being deciding whether or not to buy from you. Understanding human behavior is a key element of sales success.

Objective: Interpret and apply human behavioral research in a sales/business environment.
Topics: Behavioral Styles, Human Reactions, and Transactional Analysis

Webinar 2: Generating Prospects

Without a qualified prospect, you have no chance of making a sale. In order to consistently achieve your sales goals, you must implement an effective prospecting plan.

Objective: Develop a prospecting plan that will provide enough qualified prospects to achieve your sales goals.
Topics: Prospecting Channels, Generating Referrals and Introductions, and Developing a Prospecting Plan

Webinar 2: Understanding How Prospects Buy

Humans follow a discrete process when making decisions. Aligning your sales efforts with that process will increase your effectiveness and expedite a positive outcome.

Objective: Identify the process prospects follow when making a purchasing decision.
Topics: The Samurai Buying Decision Model™ and the Decision Maker Impact Continuum

Webinar 3: Understanding Why Prospects Buy

Prospects buy for their reasons – not yours. Uncovering what motivates the prospect to buy is critical in consistently closing the sale.

Objective: Determine what motivates prospects to buy and recognize how to discover the personal motivation of the decision-maker.
Topics: Apparent Reasons, Compelling Reasons, and the Discovery Process

Webinar 4: Closing the Sale

Prospects select solutions that are the best fit for their situation. There are always four conditions that are used to determine which solution will be perceived by the prospect as the “best fit”.

Objective: Discover how to obtain the prospect’s approval and close the business.
Topics: The Four Requirements to Close the Deal, Obtaining Buyer Approval, and Presenting the Value Proposition

Webinar 5: Farming the Customer Base

Your greatest source of new leads and business is your existing customer base. Having a plan to effectively leverage that base and create customer loyalty is critical to long term success.

Objective: Examine how to grow your share of business from your current customer base and develop a proactive plan to increase customer loyalty.
Topics: Generating Add-On Sales and Developing Customer Loyalty

During the webinar, participants will be asked to contribute based on their completion of the Participant Guide questions and activities. At the end of each webinar, follow-up activities will be suggested to reinforce and enhance the understanding of the topics covered.

Pricing and Registration:

Participants can enroll in individual webinars or can sign up for the entire series. For participants that sign up for the entire series, there will be an additional coaching and question and answer session. Use the contact form below to schedule dates for the format of your choice.

The price for an individual webinar is $95 each. The price for the entire series is $495.

Offering Details


For those who want the opportunity to strategize with each other in person, an expanded version of this program is offered in a classroom format.

Samurai Wisdom
Don’t paint yourself into a corner.

Never answer an unasked question. If the prospect feels something is important, he’ll raise the issue. Don’t complicate things by raising issues that you think are important.
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