Sales Mastermind Series

The Sales Mastermind Series is a series of 10 webinars designed to provide the participants with skills, tips, techniques, and coaching that will support their current sales activities and increase their effectiveness.

The session topics are:

1. Opening Warm Doors
2. Networking Your Way to Sales Success
3. Developing a Message that Resonates
4. Understanding Human Behavior
5. Why People Buy
6. To Buy or Not To Buy…That Is the Question
7. Listening…No, Really Listening
8. Dealing with Price Issues
9. Getting Decisions that Stick
10. Creating Customer Evangelists

Each webinar will last 60 minutes. Individual, one-on-one coaching is available via email.
• Dates: begins Tuesday, April 24th
• Time: 11:30-12:30CT
• The 10 topics will run bi-weekly

Individual Pricing: $60 per participant per session

Group Pricing: 10% discount will apply if one person signs up for three sessions or if three people from the same organization signs up for 1 session

To participate in more than one session in the series, enter your full name and company name multiple times in the Participants section of the purchase form. Participate in three or more sessions to receive a 10% discount!

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