Sales Excellence in 2014 Method Over Madness Webinar Recording

Sales Excellence in 2014-Method Over Madness – Webinar Recording
Masterminds for Managers – A Virtual Event (May 2014)

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Research shows that organizations which embrace formal sales methods significantly outperform their competitors by at least 20 percent. Why is formal method so important? The reasons have to do with changes in how customers buy. For example:

1. Customers now rate the buying experience as not only more important in purchasing decisions, but also much more variable than issues of products, price, brand or even service.
2. There are many more players involved in buying decisions. This makes sense, as solutions have become more complex and often more customized with increased pressure to spend every dollar wisely.

What this adds up to is a situation where the efforts of a highly collaborative and well-coordinated sales team are ever more important. Arie DeGeus, of Shell Oil, said it best. “The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only truly sustainable advantage.”

If you are a sales leader and/or responsible for developing sales effectiveness in your organization, find out how your organization can…

• Learn how to consistently build and reinforce the four most important sales abilities.
• Use sophisticated sales methods to address six key challenges affecting sales organizations today.
• Evaluate methods with an eye to making sure they will “stick” in your actual environment.

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