Presentation Skills

Become a Better Presenter.

Whether your audience is small or large, this course provides practical tips that you can use to effectively convey information.

The six-hour workshop is designed for anyone – veteran or novice – who wants to learn effective techniques to become a more skilled, polished and dynamic presenter.

Offering Details

What you will learn:

• The critical nature of understanding your audience and gauging their interest level
• How to gather, organize and present information effectively while using your own style
• Proven techniques for developing a dynamic presentation that holds adult learners’ attention
• Valuable tips for efficient preparation, timing and transitions
• Effective use of your physical presence, voice, eye contact and visual aids
• Why non-verbal communication is a critical part of all presentations

Bring it to your organization

The workshop can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. To offer the course in-house or to purchase these course materials, enter your information below or call us at 1.847.540.0655.

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