How to Remove Rhinos – Practical proven change management strategies and tools for leaders


Why do strategies, initiatives, and projects fail at alarming rates to the tune of billions of dollars?  rhinoroadblock


It’s certainly not for a lack of planning. Plenty of time and energy is poured into crafting elaborate plans that never get executed.

So, why do strategies fail? According to the wisdom of management guru Peter Drucker, because culture eats them for breakfast. Strategic and project plans that do not adequately account for the organizational culture in which they are to be implemented are doomed to languish or die. Discounting the “human factor” is costly.

Like giant rhinos blocking the way, deeply entrenched cultural factors cannot be pushed aside by sheer force of will. Successfully implementing organizational change requires a well thought out and flawlessly executed plan.

How to Remove Rhinos gives leaders, influencers, and project managers a practical proven set of skills, tools, and methods for clearing the path to success and actually accomplishing organizational change.

Through interactive experiences, practice, and application to their own real-world situations, participants learn how to:

  • Use insight into neuroscience to appropriately address people’s resistance to change
  • Motivate others to transition from awareness through to adoption of change
  • Accurately assess stakeholder interests, degree of support, and progress toward support
  • Map the social networks impacting initiatives and determine how best to build a coalition of change advocates
  • Identify and respond accordingly to aspects of the organizational culture working for or potentially against an initiative
  • Develop communication plans to meet stakeholders where they are and equip them to fulfill a targeted call to action
  • Weave change tactics and activities into project plans and the work being done to implement initiatives

This one day facilitator-led workshop is most effective when delivered in person. However, it can be tailored for virtual delivery. We recommend group sizes of 12-18 participants.


Cost is $650 per participant and includes a full suite of change management tools.  Additional individual or group post-workshop coaching is available at $150/hour (in person, conference call, or virtual meeting).

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