Improving Prepared Minds Skills

prepared_mind_skillsThe famous microbiologist Louis Pasteur advised us that “chance favors the prepared mind.” But what does it mean to have a prepared mind? In practical terms it means that you have a complete mental tool kit to deal with current and emerging challenges and opportunities.

This workshop addresses eight skills that we must know and use if we are to be prepared for the future. Although many of them seem obvious, the tough reality is that some are not used or even encouraged in many organizations. During the session we will discuss all eight skills and uncover practical ways to improve them.

Program Benefits:

• Learn which skills are strengths and which are underdeveloped
• Learn how to improve your odds of being prepared for an unknown future
• Learn how to “mix and match” the skills to match your company’s strategic initiatives

Who Should Attend:

This program is applicable to all levels of company management.

Duration of the Program:

This program can be presented as a half-day awareness session, or preferably, as a one-day workshop addressing a real challenge.

Location of the Program:

On-site/in-house/virtual classroom.
Workshop Fees for the One-Day Session are:

• 1-10 scheduled attendees: $3,000 per day
• 11-20 scheduled attendees: $5,000 per day
• 20+ scheduled attendees: negotiated

Fees for half-day workshops depend on travel requirements and the number of scheduled attendees.

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