Ethical Behavior – Maintaining a Values-Based Workplace

Almost every organization has a list of “core values” on a website or poster – and they can often sound the same. The real question is: could an outsider identify those values by simply observing the behavior of those who work there? In many cases, there is a large gap between what people are saying is important and what people are doing. The Ethical Behavior course was designed to close that gap.

The Focus

For the average employee and leader, there’s so much going on at work that sometimes the thought of “being ethical” sounds like an extra thing we need to do – instead of the way we do things. There can also be a healthy dose of skepticism when they observe other people who aren’t living up to the values that the organization espouses. For this reason, a workplace that is truly values-based requires everyone to take ownership of their own behavior and to recognize it is more than what we do – it is how we do it and why we do it.

The Need

Perhaps more than ever the need for “guiding principles” in the workplace that are being practiced (not just discussed) is vital. The level of transparency, exposure and scrutiny for most organizations is at an all-time high – while understanding of what is appropriate at work is at an all-time low. The implications of this scenario to basic outcomes, reputation, safety and morale are serious – there’s simply too much at risk when people are not living the values that support success.

The Solution

By means of interactive discussion, case studies and learning activities – participants become familiar with the values of their organization and what those values look like in everyday behavior. They also have a chance to own those values for themselves and consider ways of incorporating them into how they do their jobs. This way everyone takes responsibility for “walking the talk” and this is how a values-based culture is created and maintained.

This Course Will:

• Clearly define the core values of your organization
• Translate and describe those values in terms of behavioral norms
• Determine how to gain commitment to those values and behaviors
• Create strategies for accountability and measurement around those behaviors
• Develop action plans to operationalize the values


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