Enterprise Profitability

What is ENTERPRISE ProfitAbility?

ENTERPRISE ProfitAbility® is a one-day board-based business simulation that brings to life the essential know-how needed to run any business. This engaging and challenging business simulation is a ‘must attend’ for anyone who is serious about maximizing their contribution to the financial success of their business including: front-line employees, team leaders, supervisors and managers.

ENTERPRISE ProfitAbility® teaches people exactly how profit is made, how cash flow is affected and how each individual can make a difference. In a competitive team challenge, participants navigate through the monthly sales and delivery cycles, and focus on the decisions that impact the financial success of the business.

What will you gain:

Upon completion of this interactive “learn by doing” experience, participants are able to:

• Explain why businesses make or lose money
• Differentiate between profit and cash — and state why you should care!
• Control cash coming in and going out of the business
• Make smart decisions, every time
• Use income statements and balance sheets … without dying of boredom
• Communicate the importance of a business plan and why you need one


This one-day workshop can be tailored to fit your organization. It is not offered as a public event. For more information about how to bring this exciting effective experience to your organization, complete and submit the contact form below.


$6995 includes everything to run the program for a group of 10 – 24 people

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