Cultivating Business Relationships

Cultivating Business Relationships is a practical and repeatable approach that’s easy to grab hold of and immediately use to start building collaborative relationships in the pursuit of strategic opportunities.

In our programs, participants immediately apply what they are learning to their own stakeholder situations. With guidance from our facilitators and coaches, they create and begin executing action plans with stakeholders. Tools, skills, and methods are learned in a real-world real-time content! Learning and application occur simultaneously!

We prepare your people to…

  • Adopt a process and practices for increasing influence and cultivating collaborative relationships as part of the work they are already doing
  • Identify and apply trust building behaviors while recognizing and avoiding behaviors that destroy trust
  • Demonstrate advanced questioning, listening, persuasion, and collaboration skills


So they will…

  • Consistently nurture trust and productive partnerships with every interaction
  • Attain mutual objectives in shorter time frames
  • Enhance credibility and communication with stakeholders
  • Expedite sound decision-making

The program is based on the Upsurge Advisors GROWTH Model for Cultivating Business Relationships:

G Groundwork for Commitment – though sporadic and potentially sparse, the trust-based partnerships already at play in your business can be a rich source of strength upon which to build. Together we tap into that strength to make the cultivation of new trust-based partnerships a consistent, reliable and repeatable practice.

R Recognize & Adapt – we help you till the corporate culture to unearth what in the environment may negate or nurture valuable stakeholder relationships.

O Opt In & Trust – the root of all good relationships and partnerships is trust. When you trust and are trusted, the breadth and depth of the relationships formed will improve exponentially.

W Widen Your Reach – personal influence, genuine intent, and the ability to motivate others to “get onboard” is required for success. Powerful consistent relationship cultivators work hard to grow their influence so they have what it takes to lead others in the pursuit of corporate priorities and the greater good.

T Thrive & Triumph – when people branch out, their actions and activities build trust, serve a purpose, solve problems, energize and engage others, recognize and deploy brilliance, foster collaboration, and open up communication. These are the winning activities to pursue daily.

H Harvest Results Now! – it takes time for relationships to blossom and bear fruit. But what about today’s objectives? While keeping a watchful eye on long term goals, people bite into a practical repeatable process for near-term gains!
Program Duration
Depends on the results of the Opportunities for GROWTH Assessment. The modules provided are targeted to achieve specific performance outcomes. We have a flexible model that allows for as little as 1-2 hours of learning up to 16 hours for a full program. We work with clients to determine the best delivery mechanism and program structure.

Program Location
in-house/on-site/virtual classroom

Delivery Methods
virtual classroom or in-person facilitation

Individual Pricing
Pricing based on program length and delivery method. Programs are structured for each client’s needs as determined by our unique Opportunities for GROWTH Assessment. Complete the form below to request an Opportunities for GROWTH Assessment for your organization or to learn more about our flexible program options.


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