Connecting with others

The “Connecting” course is a 45-minute e-Learning course framed in the context of creating a user-friendly workplace for everyone – both employees and customers – regardless of differences. The importance of connecting has everything to do with successful outcomes.

Although issues of race and gender are not neglected in this course – diversity is a much broader concern. A new definition is therefore presented as “any difference that makes a difference”. This allows learners to consider what differences might be causing disconnects for them and the organization. By the same token, inclusion is not about having diversity – it’s about valuing differences in a way that helps everyone succeed.
The course focuses on the skills necessary to connect with a wider scope of individuals–causing a marked improvement in employee engagement, customer satisfaction and overall performance.

The objectives of this course are to help learners:

• Distinguish between diversity and inclusion
• Realize the strategic benefit of connecting with a wider scope of people
• Identify the barriers that hinder inclusion
• Learn the counter-behaviors that promote inclusion
• Acquire the skills to repair the disconnect
• Commit to action steps for stronger connections

Individual Pricing: $29.95

Groups of three or more from the same company receive a 10% discount.

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