Communicating For Impact: Skills For Technical Audiences – Webinar recording

Communicating for Impact: Skills for Technical Audiences – Webinar Recording

Mastermind for Managers – A Virtual Event

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Do you connect well with Millennials? Millennials make up 41% of the United States population. They are always connected to the internet, they are simultaneously feeling entitled and diligent, and they never seem to take “no” for an answer. How do you communicate with them while they are sending over 110 texts per day? How do Gen Y employees solve problems and work alongside them? Communication between Gen Y and Millennials is riddled with stereotypes, but what really happens when they work together?

What can be done within your organization to combat miscommunication? This is not just something you may see between your Gen Y and Millennial new hires. Healthcare and technical industries, as well as engineers, machinists and service technicians understand the challenges of communicating with their patients or clients all too well.

This webinar will address solutions to various in-person and interactive communication challenges by examining industry trends and providing ideas for how to help you communicate more effectively with your peers, clients and colleagues.

This webinar will examine:

• Tips to reduce inefficiencies caused by miscommunication
• The key requirements of effective business communication
• Best practices to communicate with different organizations and audiences

Participants will receive complimentary access to a Communication Quick Reference to help identify challenges before they start. The value of this supplement is $99.

Moderator: Lauren Young is a two-time award winning author and the CEO and Founder of Freshly Baked Communications (FBC). After working at the headquarters of Kraft Foods in brand management, she started a brand marketing strategy and content writing firm to showcase her ability to create memorable brands and her passion for writing. Her first book, “Pour – Marketing Success Starts with the Right Ingredients,” offers substantial and easy-to-understand advice to consider when promoting a brand to leave a lasting impression within your industry. Lauren is also the 2011 recipient of the Daily Herald Entrepreneurial Excellence Award.

Speaker: Sue Drake has been in the custom learning solutions area for almost 30 years. As President of Drake Resources, an 18-year firm, Drake creates learning experiences for Fortune 500, Nonprofit, and Entrepreneurial clients who need to develop their employee, client, or volunteer knowledge and skills. Our learning solutions include workshop, eLearning, and virtual classroom materials created for numerous business acumen topics. Drake also offers Learning Management System design and development in its portfolio of services.

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