Be the Best Coach EVER

Be the Best Coach EVER provides coaching skills to help employees be more effective in their communication, project management skills and customer service responsibilities.

When you enroll in Be the Best Coach EVER, you will create happier, more productive employees and a happier, more efficient YOU!

This program offers powerful foundational skills in the following areas:

  • Listening,
  • Responding powerfully and effectively,
  • Uncovering motivation and commitment,
  • Successfully resolving customer service issues,
  • High performing project teams, and
  • Workplace communication.


Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of the program, participants will:

  • Use secrets of motivation to help people motivate themselves.
  • Create conditions and cultures that motivate people to be at their best so that high performance is the norm.
  • Utilize powerful thinking tools to help people come to their own solutions.
  • Powerfully interact with customers in a way that leaves both people feeling satisfied and empowered.

Listen to a sample of this training here!

Program Duration
This is a foundation course with selected advanced topics based on which are most relevant for you

Program Location
on-site/in-house/virtual classroom

Delivery Methods

Individual Pricing
$495 (10% Discount for Groups of 3 or More)

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