Be the Best Boss EVER

Are you tired of leaving meetings with your staff feeling like you did all the work?

Do you want to look forward to conversations with your employees instead of dreading them?

Are you ready to leave meetings with your staff feeling great instead of drained?

This highly effective and results based program will teach you everything you need to Be The Best Boss EVER! How would it feel to have people clamoring to be on your team? You will learn how to bring out the best in everyone around you, make them smarter and more confident, and to get the benefit of everyone’s talent, thinking, and skills. The bottom line result? Happier, more productive employees and a happier, more efficient YOU!

Learning Objectives:
Be the Best Boss EVER will help you get ready to:

  • Be confident you’re doing all you can to support your team, so you get exceptional results.
  • Work smarter not harder, so you get done more of what’s important and not just necessary.
  • Maximize the potential of you and everyone on your team, including YOU.
  • Focus on the big picture and get ahead of the curve.
  • Step more fully into your leadership and create a reputation as the best boss ever.
  • Focus on the big picture – and the things that really make a difference AND
  • Have more fun at work.

In this program, you will learn how to master the 7 Keys to Being the Best Boss EVER:

  • Awareness of your impact as a boss so you AND your team can reach their full potential.
  • Know how to maximize your strengths and use them as rocket fuel for your performance.
  • It’s all about the brain: Learning how YOUR brain operates so that tasks flow with ease.
  • Discover the secrets to inspiring and motivating everyone around you for optimal goal achievement.
  • I can do it! Adopting a growth mindset so you’re always thinking ahead and eliminating “fire drill” management tactics.
  • Motivational listening and more.
  • Your blueprint for being the Best Boss EVER!


Listen to a sample of this training here!

Program Duration
This is a foundation course with selected advanced topics based on which are most relevant for you

Program Location
on-site/in-house/virtual classroom

Delivery Methods

Individual Pricing
$495 (10% Discount for Groups of 3 or More)

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