Accountability for Results

Accountability for Results offers a systematic way for leaders at all levels to help individuals and teams accept responsibility to plan and complete tasks at the expected performance level. Teams benefit by having the structure to work to their fullest potential, and the organization benefits by meeting its strategic and tactical objectives.

This four-week course combines live webinars, small group activities, and independent study to delve into a process that delivers results. You’ll learn to negotiate agreements with the team members, create guidelines for the work and deliverables, and establish an accountability culture.

The course is taught by an experienced practitioner, who will facilitate a rigorous discussion using case studies and video segments. You’ll have opportunities to assess your understanding and skill, as well as collaborate with your fellow peers.

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This course is also available as a custom, instructor-led course. Groups of three or more from the same organization are entitled to a 10% discount. To speak with a senior partner about either of these options, enter your information below.

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