All Aboard the Customer Experience Express! Recruiting Employees with Service Attitude and Aptitude

Can you train someone to be great at customer service? Yes and No!

Yes, if candidates begin with the right attitude and aptitude for service.

No, if dealing with people and having a service mindset isn’t part of their character, personality or interest.

They may be an excellent technician, but not good with people. With this in mind, hiring the right people is an important factor in creating a service excellence brand. What if you already have people on board who interface with customers? That’s ok. You can train people if they fall under the right attitude and aptitude category.

How do you know what category your team members fall into? This session is designed to help HR, Leaders, and Managers establish the Service Excellence Hiring strategy. By utilizing the mission, vision, standards established in “A Journey to Service Excellence”, participants will walk away with a recruiting protocol, interview questions, and service skills and competencies required to meet the Service Excellence expectations when it comes to serving customers.


Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of the program, participants will:

  • Administer a service excellence assessment to understand a person’s style and perspectives related to customer service
  • Develop recruiting protocol for hiring employees who interface with customers
  • Develop interviewing questions that incorporate key elements of the service excellence standards
  • Practice interviewing potential candidates with a focus on service excellence


Program Duration
1/2 day – 1 day

Program Location

Delivery Methods
Classroom (workshop), Webinar (introduction)

Individual Pricing

Group Rate (4 or more): $1,995 (per day rate)
Individual: Regular Price: $599; Ascendis Price $399

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