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  • Upsurge Advisors
    We pour our passion into helping companies increase efficiency, productivity and performance by equipping their people to build valued business relationships that matter. Upsurge Advisors starts by understanding your business and situation, then work with you to provide the ... Learn More
  • Make Linkedin Sell For Me - Home Study Course
    This LinkedIn® training is designed for sales professionals and business owners who need a step-by-step system to create more responsive LinkedIn® profiles, InMail messages and Group discussions. This online course will give you a system to generate more leads, ... Learn More
  • Samurai Sales Mastery™ Virtual-Blue Belt
    The Samurai Sales Mastery Blue Belt Program is a series of six sessions designed to provide the participant with the foundational principles of the Samurai Sales Mastery Program. This program is designed to be a complete sales training program ... Learn More
  • Sales Mastermind Series
    The Sales Mastermind Series is a series of 10 webinars designed to provide the participants with skills, tips, techniques, and coaching that will support their current sales activities and increase their effectiveness. The session topics are: 1. Opening Warm Doors 2. Networking ... Learn More
  • Healthy Boundaries: Encouraging Positive Behaviour at Work
    In an Effort to Maintain a Culture of Respect Healthy Boundaries examines interactions on the job that can facilitate (or debilitate) productive outcomes. More significantly, the training is non-threatening, practical and dynamic so participants actually stay engaged enough to ... Learn More
  • Ethical Behavior - Maintaining a Values-Based Workplace
    Almost every organization has a list of “core values” on a website or poster – and they can often sound the same. The real question is: could an outsider identify those values by simply observing the behavior of those who ... Learn More
  • Connecting with others
    The “Connecting” course is a 45-minute e-Learning course framed in the context of creating a user-friendly workplace for everyone – both employees and customers – regardless of differences. The importance of connecting has everything to do with successful outcomes. Although issues ... Learn More
  • Changing Organizations - The Power of Business Simulations White Paper
    This White Paper presents the argument that change is a constant in organizational life and that the way to ensure that change is managed effectively involves engaging people in the process. That an organization will not change if the ... Learn More
  • Make My Blog Sell For Me - Monthly Blog Coaching
    Get ready to learn a practical system to create leads and sales using blogs.This online course gives you everything needed to start generating more leads, referrals and sales in just four weeks. We meet weekly for 45 minutes of ... Learn More
  • Make Linkedin Sell For Me For Sales Teams & IBOs
    This LinkedIn training is designed for sales teams & IBOs needing more responsive LinkedIn® profiles, InMail messages and Group discussions. Delivered online or at your location team members learn a practical system to generate more leads, referrals and sales ... Learn More
  • Killer content marketing: Putting words to work for your business-webinar recording
    Killer Content Marketing: Putting Words to Work for Your Business Masterminds for Managers - A Virtual Event Scroll down to view the recording Whether you want your business to come to life for buyers, investors or potential hires on ... Learn More
  • Sales Map Software and Coaching
    In complex sales environments, trying harder is not enough. Sales professionals must know how to develop and execute a strategy for each and every opportunity. Sales Map enables you (and your team) to establish a disciplined, repeatable and efficient ... Learn More
  • Freshly Baked Communications
    Freshly Baked Communications (FBC) was established in 2008 to provide professional marketing communication services and consulting to entrepreneurs seeking unconventional and emerging methods to promote their business ventures. As a marketing consultant, award-winning author and international speaker, CEO & Founder ... Learn More