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  • Leadership Alchemy LLC
    Leadership development experts at Leadership Alchemy LLC help you bring out the best in everyone around you, and increase the bottom line by maximizing the talent and skills of your staff. You’ll create efficiency and enthusiasm and start ... Learn More
  • Improving Strategic Thinking
    Strategic thinking is deliberate thinking that precedes and accompanies decisions that are significant for individual and organizational success. This workshop will improve your ability to think strategically by taking you through an iterative, four-phase cycle and providing tools, tips, ... Learn More
  • Improving Prepared Minds Skills
    The famous microbiologist Louis Pasteur advised us that “chance favors the prepared mind.” But what does it mean to have a prepared mind? In practical terms it means that you have a complete mental tool kit to deal with ... Learn More
  • Eyes Wide Shut - How to Avoid Missed Opportunities and Plan For Future Success - Webinar Recording
    Eyes Wide Shut: How to Avoid Missed Opportunities and Plan for Future Success - Webinar Recording Masterminds for Managers - A Virtual Event Scroll below to review the recording. At the top of every business leader's mind is the ... Learn More
  • Adaptive Strategies
    The future will bring new challenges and opportunities to every business. Although we cannot predict them we must anticipate and prepare for them. Adaptive Strategies helps owners, managers, and leaders increase their value to their businesses by helping them ... Learn More