Why Self-Promotion is Not Always Effective on Social Media

Promoting yourself and your business is important for anyone trying to establish their brand and get their name known to the public. While it’s great to be confident in yourself and what you’re offering, too much self-promotion can be taken out of context and turn off your customers. According to a customer survey by Kentico Software, customer trust in content is fairly high, but the second a sale is being pushed in their direction, consumer trust drops by almost 50 percent!

The main reason businesses take to social media is to get new business and interact with current customers, but flooding fans and followers with promotions is not the way to do business. Yes, they followed you initially because they were interested in you and your products, but they also don’t want to feel spammed or pressured. You aren’t contributing anything useful to your customer’s lives or interests, and they will soon lose interest and “unfollow” you on social media.

Borrowing from the 5-3-2 rule from tech entrepreneur and advisor T.A. McCann, he teaches us that assuming you post to social media 10 times over any time period that:

• Five posts should be shared content from another person or business (relevant to customer interest).
• Three posts should be relevant content by your brand (no direct sales).
• Two posts should be personal updates; give a face and personality behind your brand.

You may feel that the 5-3-2 rule is not right for your brand, and that’s ok. What you do need to remember is that social media promotion goes wrong when there is no value for your customer; so you must always share the most relevant and outstanding content as you possibly can even if it is your own content. This will always be better than promoting a product relentlessly to your followers. Engage your followers at all times. Ask questions and entertain them. By doing so, self-promotion won’t be as difficult since they’ll be more than open to receiving what you offer because of the feeling you have evoked from them with your relevant messaging.

Self-promotion is hard to master on social media, but it can be done easily as long as you take the focus off of your products and start being interested in what your consumers want.

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