Here are Three Ways to Re-engage Tenured Employees for High Performance

The success of your business is dependent on the satisfaction and overall performance of your staff. It can be tough keeping employees of any level engaged and working to their full potential, so steps must be taken at all times to encourage their high performance.

Believe it or not, the longer an employee works for an organization, the less likely he or she is to be engaged with the work done. Bored employees can be problematic since they are familiar with fundamental processes and culture of the business and can have the greatest impact on an organization’s success. Despite their disengagement with their work, long-term employees tend to outperform their newer counterparts, so just imagine where their performance levels would be if they were re-motivated. Here’s how you can rekindle the flame and keep your tenured employees (staff with 10 plus years on the job) engaged and motivated with their work.

Trust them!
According to studies, tenured employees with the highest level of engagement feel their managers understand them and actively support their desire to get results their way. Giving employees breathing room and freedom to innovate and improve processes can empower employees to use their experiences as learning opportunities. Including their ideas on strategic planning efforts can also be helpful to the organization and for the employee who desires to make a large impact.

Cross-train whenever possible.
Cross-training opportunities to increase their knowledge in another area of the organization can result in happier, well-rounded employees. The addition of new knowledge can awaken the mind of an employee who tires of the same responsibilities and assists the organization when they need individuals to fill-in for others. They won’t have to hire temps or train employees who are still green.

Consider community service.
Many employees work harder when they can see how their work contributes to organizational goals. Community service is just another way to accomplish this. Relationships get stronger through these team-building opportunities, and individuals pull together in a major way to echo the company culture and represent their organizations well. Doing good things for others is encouraging and helps employees remember why their organization is such a great place. Tenured employees (and even newbies) will work harder for a company they respect.

Tenured employees are valuable assets to any organization. By keeping them engaged and satisfied with their roles in your business, their talent will continuously carry you to success!