The Effectiveness of Moodle on Virtual Teams is Measured

Successful organizations rely on the strengths of its top talent to stay ahead. By supporting teams with customized learning programs, an organization is able to extend its business knowledge and maintain an innovative edge. The online Moodle program is an ideal platform for organizations requiring a complete educational experience in a simple, yet flexible, manner. With file management, personalized dashboards with course listings, private messaging and notifications (among many other features), Moodle can be an excellent tool to introduce new concepts to teams and ensure they retain information in a timely fashion.

How will you know if your customized Moodle courses are making an impact on your virtual team?

  1. The team is using flexible training modules to its advantage.

Training is an ongoing necessity for many corporations, and some departments may not have a dedicated facilitator to disseminate information on a regular basis. Moodle employs self-guided training modules to allow everyone to receive the same training experience. When an individual takes control of how (and where) they are learning, their engagement with the presented content and their likelihood to continue learning will increase. Also, the subscription-based options Moodle provides is appealing for educators and learners who have real-life priorities and already demanding schedules.

  1. The team is retaining information and applying it to their work.

Your staff’s skill retention skyrockets when everyone has a structured course map. Depending on course information, participants can and will use retained information immediately to benefit their organization’s decision-making and execution process. The performance of a learning team will be enhanced naturally as these concepts will be at the forefront of the learner’s mind.

  1. Innovation is apparent.

Once new information is retained and understood, virtual teams can use these new concepts to enhance old ideas, products and processes. The collaborative environment Moodle offers will only encourage one’s team further by giving them a platform to voice their thoughts with colleagues of varying ideals. A team who fluidly works is willing to try new things and will be more proactive when executing the ideas of their colleagues and the organization as a whole.

Learning management systems, such as Moodle, are necessary tools to keep learning employees engaged and fluent in all the key processes and developments of an organization. Moodle’s comprehensive platform features components to deliver training materials, assess and track the progress of virtual learners in a straightforward, concise way. With clear objectives for training and a powerful LMS, your team members can strengthen their educational experience and become strong assets to your organization.