Subscription Learning is for the Instant Gratification Generation

Millennials are no strangers to technology, having been raised in an era of groundbreaking advancements in tech. With their interest and investment in technology encompassing the “Internet of Things” (devices with fluid connectivity and applications), Millennials are the perfect candidates for subscription-based and similar training methods. A genuine thirst for knowledge and advancement ensures they also will appreciate the many benefits of taking their training online, which can significantly increase retention.

A steadily growing percentage of Millennials are now active in the workforce, and according to The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, they will comprise about 75 percent of the workforce by 2030. This means the need for a proper education and sharpening the skillset of this group should be of the utmost importance right now. Millennials in full-time positions have the ability to grow even further with subscription-based platforms that allow users to opt-in and digest small doses of information when time allows. The flexibility of this education is a crucial benefit for any busy learner, thus, a manageable method for a learning Millennial.

As mentioned earlier, virtual learning is the obvious choice for Millennials, since they are heavily connected to technology. Courses connected to social media work especially well by enhancing their sense of belonging and their need to be involved in projects bigger than themselves. The ability to canvass likeminded individuals while learning new concepts and skills also helps them see how the information they are learning has the potential to impact the world around them.

Millennials are known as the “Instant Gratification Generation” – and for good reason. They are very much in touch with their personal growth, and online learning platforms allow them to see their progress (and areas for development). This interest in personal growth makes subscription learning a valuable tool for Millennials already employed in an organization who wish to make an immediate contribution and affect change by learning new materials.

By presenting high quality training sessions to Millennials, facilitators are sure to further enhance online education. Some effective ways of doing so are by releasing some learning materials strategically (offering need-to-know info at the proper time), introducing skills necessary for career development, and enabling lessons which aid in transformational change. These few things can work wonders for learners and can engage their minds inside and outside of a learning session, increasing their overall understanding and ability to apply concepts.

When supplied with the appropriate training, Millennials will be equipped to become powerful members of any organization!