Quick Fixes Offered For Workforce Training Program to Retain Millennials

Comprising of about half of today’s workforce, some of the best and brightest employees in organizations today are Millennials. These up-and-coming employees have a different skill set and influences than their older counterparts, so their workforce training should accommodate their differences in ways that can benefit their needs and lifestyle.

When molding a training session to benefit (and retain) the valuable Millennials in your organization, you first have to understand what makes them tick.

  1. Millennials appreciate opportunities to be involved in worthwhile experiences. Training platforms that can deliver unexpected prompts to cultivate strategic thinking (like a subscription-based program) will often pay off big time for organizations trying to find new ways to engage Millennials. Opportunities for healthy competition between learners and hands-on mentorships with executives can also be lucrative. The social aspect of these interactions with quick and direct feedback is essential to keep up the flow of the learning experience.
  2. They prefer clarity. Many employees, Millennials especially, do their best when they know what their expectations are. If they know how they are learning will directly influence their evaluations and efforts on the job. They will work tirelessly to make sure they are going above and beyond their expectations. Training modules that allow them to clearly define areas they will be evaluated on and where assessments will be applied to gauge retention are the best to get your Millennials on a steady path for success.
  3. They’ve grown up with the latest technology, and that trend should continue with their training regimen. Apps and the plethora of devices that are accessible nowadays are second nature for Millennials. For them, technology and education have always been paired, so introducing ways they can control their training over the various platforms is essential. This may mean taking a discussion to an online forum, providing links to articles to use as a resource or simply streamlining content so that it can be accessed over a variety of devices. The more creative and flexible, the better.

Millennials have great potential when their talent is nurtured. Even though they have a strong need for entrepreneurship, organizations that take time to invest and understand the needs of these powerful workers ensure that they will retain them and create opportunities where they can excel. At 80 million workers and steadily rising, Millennials are about to be the majority of the workforce, so their loyalty and talent is essential to the growth of an organization.