Keep Learners Engaged with Subscription-Based Learning

Subscription-based learning is a brilliant method that is recognized as a key way to keep learners involved and cognizant of their decisions/skills by making sure that specific concepts are always at the forefront of the learner’s mind. The ability to mold these small tidbits into larger threads that can be easily digested and tailored to each learner’s needs makes for a unique way to encourage engagement for individuals and teams alike.

Some ways you can use subscription-based learning to keep a high level of engagement are:

  1. Present information that can be used immediately in the context of a work environment. Learners who are picking up new skills for a position that they already hold are at an advantage in this subscription-based learning experience. The skills they’ll learn are extremely relevant to them and they can begin to apply concepts immediately to further their retention of information.
  2. Access information over a wide range of devices. The short presentation of material in conjunction with the ability to access modules by a chosen platform puts so much power into the hands of the learner. Prompts can be scheduled to go out through email, cell phone text messaging and other ways to ensure the learner gets a convenient experience of their choosing.
  3. Space the introduction of new concepts and offer the ability to opt in or out. The flexibility of a subscription-based program relies heavily on presenting short, but relevant information. This curriculum can be easily molded based on the performance of a learner to ensure that he or she is getting useful information in real-time. By taking this route to change information as needed, the learner is more likely to stay challenged and quickly move on to larger concepts that can benefit them in the context of their roles in an organization.
  4. Encourage collaboration with co-workers. Every employee contributes to the success of a team, and while one may be learning new concepts, it is sure to impact everyone else. This progress of one’s skills can become a great facilitator of collaboration for the whole team. Discussing and working together will ensure that the team evolves as well and that the information that has been learned will continue to make a positive (and relevant) impact on all efforts made.

Providing relevant information at the right time and context is sure to keep your subscription-based learner engaged and actually excited about what’s to come in their education. Knowing that they’ll be equipped with tools that can benefit their team and organization immediately will help fuel the fire for a positive learning experience!