Five Reasons You Should Invest in E-Learning

E-Learning opportunities are easily one of the best investments an organization can make in the development of its staff. The advantages of digital learning make an impact on many factors directly attributed to success, such as, an increase in learning retention, flexible courses and the use of enhanced technology. Regardless of the size of a business or its area of expertise, there is sure to be a need e-learning can address and help realize.

Here’s why you should invest in e-learning in 2016:

  1. Onboarding is easier for new hires.

Having an online platform that can be revisited during the onboarding process can simplify the transition for the employee and the company. With so much easily-accessible information, new hires can directly control the pace at which they grasp pertinent details that will affect their role and relationship with their new place of business. Also, the need for formal training sessions are drastically lowered and allows the organization to make the best use of its resources.

  1. Employees can learn as they go.

The flexibility of e-learning courses can help employees learn new concepts while they are still playing an active role in the company. This is helpful as one transitions to a new department or is on the fast-track to moving up in an organization. New concepts or ideas needed to do a job fluently are applied immediately, and the results are seen almost instantly. Best practices are more likely to be understood and retained this way, which is a win-win for everybody.

  1. It has the ability to analyze retention.

Incorporating a digital learning course offers a specific, crucial benefit for an organization. Employers can see how an employee is faring in his/her learning journey. Assessments given can gauge if an employee is retaining the information available to them or if they’re just merely hanging on for the ride. The employer then has the power to make the decision to modify the course for the employee or place him/her in a different position where their innate strengths make a greater impact.

  1. Training costs are reduced.

Without the need to hire facilitators or have printed materials for formal sessions, e-learning platforms are a cost-effective solution for many companies. The time and effort saved on these factors alone already give an organization the upper hand, and when you factor in its ability to communicate throughout the organization in one streamlined platform, the results are priceless. It is the best way an organization can maximize both its efficiency and productivity.

  1. Maintenance costs are reduced.

Last but not least, it is amazing how quickly an e-learning course can be updated to keep the content fresh and relevant if market and organizational changes occur frequently. Learners receive information that is most current which avoids figuring out a way to communicate the updates to varied audience groups. With a click of a button, the ‘refreshed’ course is accessible to all concerned.

E-Learning has been steadily gaining popularity with small and large businesses alike. Even though the initial investment can be costly, simply accessing the platform provides an instant return on investment by offering staff tools to enhance their workplace excellence. You need e-learning for your organization, and you need it now!