Employ Strategies When Team Building in a Time Crunch

Stress has a significant impact on an individual, especially in the workplace. Stress that causes anxiety in one person can do some extensive damage to a team by causing unproductive behavior, suppressing creativity and making work unpleasant for everyone. To strengthen your team’s resiliency and help recover from time crunches and other inevitable hiccups threatening workplace performance, employing the right team-building strategies can help.

  1. Lead by example.

Leaders set the tone for the behavior and work ethic of their teams, and how they react to stressful situations will make an impact on the rest of the group. Choosing to remain calm and focusing on attainable goals will inspire a level-headed approach and the right attitude to reach organizational goals.

  1. Communicate the mission.

Reinforcing the mission of a project can help with project management and planning. Establish what the milestones will look like and strategize what efforts need to be taken to reach every one. This is a great team building strategy as it promotes trust and allows team members to rely on each other and assist in reaching milestones together.

  1. Seek input and prioritize.

The leaders may head the team, but every member’s contribution to the goal is significant. Rely on your staff to help problem solve, as they have a unique perspective on what is or is not providing a worthwhile use of their resources. Encouraging your group to prioritize tasks can be empowering for the individual and make the most productive use of time. Prioritizing is an invaluable strategy when working in a time crunch.

  1. Motivate to meet your mark.

Cut down on negativity by motivating your team up until the very end. Leaders should be checking in with their team often to make sure everything is on schedule and morale is high. Even though it may seem counterproductive during a time-sensitive project, leaders should assess when it’s time to take a step back and let one recharge their batteries before moving forward again. This intuitiveness and understanding will keep the team motivated to move their projects to completion while fighting against stressors while pressed for time.

With strong leadership and strategies to combat stress in the workplace, teams can flourish and power through even the most stressful situations. With the right team building tactics in place, learning to navigate sticky situations will come naturally and transfer over to all of your endeavors.