Customer Satisfaction Depends on Employee Engagement

We know how happy employees benefit their organizations: turnover is reduced, the business is profitable and morale is off the charts! In addition, engaged employees are a company’s loudest cheerleaders and often lead customers (potential and established) to be enthusiastic about an organization. Enthusiasm is contagious, and those “feel good” moments from staff will also infect customers.

Here’s why engaged employees create happy customers:

They are productive.
Motivation is one of the most important aspects of success. When someone loves his or her job or believes in something passionately, they are more likely to put in a lot of effort to reach their goals. Employees who feel challenged at their jobs are also likely to work harder and more efficiently, freeing up valuable time to be of service to their customers or to refine the way they work, making them even more beneficial to everyone they come in contact with.

They want to see their organization succeed.
Almost everyone works for compensation, but for employees that are truly engaged, it’s not all about the money. They have a “go get ‘em” attitude and truly care about the outcome of their work and how it will affect their company. These employees will often actively look for new clients and take time to make sure that the needs of their existing clients are always met. These are easily some of the most valuable members of an organization; they provide excellent customer service and their efforts and attentiveness demands repeat business.

They give your customer something to believe in.
As stated earlier, engaged employees are your cheerleaders. If a customer sees how much employees believe in what the organization has to offer, it will make them want to buy from your company to see what all the excitement is about. It’s so important to build a good rapport with customers, and they will naturally lean toward the employees that they feel love their company.

You can’t fake happiness and a wonderful customer experience. According to personalized branding expert Monetate, 73 percent of customers would give an organization repeat business for providing excellent customer service! If you want to win with your customers, you must first make sure your employees are happy and engaged.