How to Assess Development Areas for High Potentials

When the leadership and talent pieces fall into place, performance in all functions is improved, from marketing to fundraising to service delivery to client retention. Yet, more often than not, organizational leaders make the mistake of pushing leadership development and talent management to the sidelines, viewing it as an administrative afterthought or a luxury the organization can’t afford in the short-run.

When operating a business, your success or failure is reliant on the competency of your staff. To be sure you are getting the best out of your employees, you have to make sure they have all the skills needed for the job – and a training assessment could provide the answers you need. Additional training could be a stepping stone to lead your organization to success by filling in gaps in critical areas and making sure your employees are in line with the specific requirements of their jobs.

To conduct a virtually pain-free training needs assessment to discover skill gaps, you must:

  1. Outline the needs of your department – Help the team leaders identify areas your team is lacking and pinpoint what can be corrected to achieve the desired results from the team. By gaining the support of higher-ups, it will be easier to shift the priorities of the team toward the greater good of the organization.
  2. Set goals for the organization and explain what needs to be done to reach them – You will be able to measure progress this way by clarifying expectations and working toward these milestones. Also, it will be clear if there are other factors which may have been overlooked and contribute to less than successful endeavors.
  3. Analyze all relevant data – Pay careful attention to the metrics being measured. Define the critical areas needing improvement, while also using past training methods as a means to discover neglected areas causing skill gaps. With your updated plan for improvement, research other proven performance methods to incorporate with your plan to ensure you have a viable solution for what may be ailing your organization.


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