Are You Preventing Your Team’s Creativity?

In this ever-evolving market, the success of an organization often relies on the innovative efforts of its staff. This is a great reason for businesses to encourage creativity from their personnel, but they may be unsure of how to do so. With so many factors contributing to the day-to-day operational success in an organization, executives can inadvertently stifle the creative process of their staff while trying to meet short-term goals.

Are you preventing your team’s creativity?

  1. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!

Employees should feel free to give new ideas a try and challenge themselves and their organizations to improve. Failure, while disheartening, can make one think of ways to improve processes or products until they become successful. By granting your employees a little leniency to step outside of the norm, they have the ability to innovate and transform your organization.

  1. Give them a platform!

A collaborative environment will ultimately become a creative one. Offer employees a platform to brainstorm or discuss ideas with colleagues to create a catalyst for creativity. A chalkboard in a break room to jot down ideas at a moment’s notice or a private social network like Yammer can be helpful additions to nurture collaboration and encourage the need for conversation in your organization.

  1. Diversify to intensify your results!

According to The Medici Effect, a diverse team has a better chance of offering groundbreaking ideas due to the many ways it approaches a problem. With this in mind, it makes sense to compile teams of diverse, forward thinkers whenever possible. The input of these individuals of different backgrounds provides an authenticity that’s simply unattainable from teams comprised of similar lifestyles. Your organization (and its products) will reap the direct benefits of having such diverse teams on staff, and their input should also resonate with your diverse customer base.

  1. Keep it light and positive!

Being successful is a never-ending process. Facilitating a positive work environment is perhaps one of the most beneficial things you can offer your employees to increase their job satisfaction. It will encourage your team to keep going and keep innovating despite failure or any other hiccups. Giving employees a safe, positive space to work allows them the confidence and comfort essential for flexible thinking and will ultimately widen their perspective in the workplace. Retreats and team building exercises will give your employees new ways to bond and increase positive energy.

Creativity is one force in business that cannot be ignored. It can be the push needed to get out of a slump in production, contribute to the satisfaction an employee has with his/her job or dramatically increase the efficiency of essential processes of an organization. Creativity and innovation must be nurtured as much as possible to keep a business afloat and ensure that it remains successful. Does your team have the confidence and freedom to flex their creative muscles in your organization?