It’s no secret – an audience needs direction to react favorably. When you attend a live theater show or musical concert, the dimming of the lights signals the start of the show. The music swells as the audience starts to pay attention, and the spotlight shines on the space where you should look. All of these cues contribute to the success of this event.

The Drake Resource Group provides the learning cues for your audience. From instructional design and technical writing to facilitation and organizational development, our team is an extension of your business and we are ready to manage the success of your learning project when your current staff is pressed for time and fresh ideas.

Ready to learn how our team can help you instruct new information differently? We invite you to read on and discover our contributions to growing businesses and see why many of our clients have called us back for an encore.

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We guide professionals through discussions, techniques and processes with ease.

Need an energetic, dynamic individual to engage your audience? Need someone who can keep your learners motivated, your team members focused, and your employees inspired? Need someone who excels at communicating clearly and succinctly?

DRG’s experienced facilitators can transform any of the following into a rich results-oriented experience participants will talk about fondly for years to come:

• Workshops and training programs
• Collaborative idea generation sessions
• Role play and problem/solution scenarios
• Web conference moderation with audience interaction
• Focused discussion groups

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Instructional Design

We transform your content into the most creative and memorable learning event for your audience.

Equipped with years of corporate and non-profit experience and the latest strategies for performance improvement, DRG’s instructional designers will take the pulse of your learners, identify their needs and recommend creative and cost-effective ways of raising their performance and contribution – all within your company’s structure, budget and culture. Our goal is to develop sound, creative learning experiences that achieve practical business results while engaging and motivating learners who will remain competitive in the market and last in your organization.

With DRG on your team, all delivery modes of instructional design are available to you: instructor-led classroom sessions, web-based training, live or recorded web conferences, self-paced instruction and more. We engage only the best graphic artists, developers, interface designers and learning management specialists to contribute to a product that will integrate with your existing learning management platform or contribute to your new direction in organizational learning.

Take a look at what we’ve done for other leading companies and organizations and imagine what we could do for you!

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Organizational Development

We overhaul and freshen up organizational processes, policies and procedures.

When it comes to organizational development, DRG’s experience is your strength. Here’s what we have to offer:

Business Process Improvement: We partner with your work teams to analyze current business processes and identify efficiency opportunities that save time, money and talent for better things. Together, we’ll help you to enhance communications, improve resource allocation and achieve cost-savings that ultimately free you up to grow in new directions.
Needs Analysis: Not sure where to begin your process improvement? DRG can assist you in analyzing performance and organizational needs. Our professional consultants are able to collect data on business needs through interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and observation to unearth your best opportunities. We create plans that enhance employee effectiveness, improve processes and systems and raise your organization’s overall performance.
Change Management: For change at an organizational level, DRG can help you find your way from where you are to where you want to be. Our change management model includes determining needs, defining outcomes, assessing readiness for change, creating and implementing the plan, and evaluating results – all facilitated by the wisdom of consultants with decades of collective experience in for-profit and non-profit organizations of every shape and size.

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Project Management

We understand that project management is more than balancing budgets, timelines and workflows.

Project management requires more than just managing tasks, budgets and timelines. It’s about matching the right resources with the right projects, negotiating the details and fostering a team atmosphere that inspires each contributor to bring creativity, innovation and excellence to the work of achieving the goal.

DRG Project Managers excel at balancing all of the practical aspects of project management with value-added mentoring, creative problem solving and decision-making – all infused with a spirit of servant leadership. We have managed more than $5M in funded projects, specializing in on-time and on-budget delivery. Let us show you how.

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Technical Writing

We welcome your data, content and various statistics – just wait until you see the finished product.

Sure, most educated people write well, but only a skilled technical writer can manage writing technical materials, scientific research documents and user manuals for specialized equipment.

The benefits of a technical writer go beyond clear communication, lower support costs and increased customer satisfaction – a great technical writer can improve the visibility of your company and allow you to become a leader in your industry. Technical writers know how to explain how things work and how to perform specific tasks flawlessly. Our technical writers have completed detailed projects with major international corporations and small businesses with a unique focus. Prepare to exceed your client’s expectations!

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Visual Design

We plan to accommodate all learning styles as we design print and interactive communication.

Which comes first – the content or the design? Both are equally important to drive the message and main ideas of a learning session, but does one have prominence over the other? Drake Resources Group has the answer!

Visual design for print and interactive communication must incorporate the appropriate use of color, animation and navigation to address the diverse needs of adult learners. From day one, our visual designers will join your planning process to determine the purpose, objectives and priorities of each learning module. By being part of the team, DRG comes to know our clients well, and are positioned to provide the best solution for their organization.

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Web Development

We know your team is busy, so we make learning flexible, interactive and accessible.

Whether you have employees in the field, overseas or at home, it is important to keep a consistent learning environment. Technical learning projects are especially detailed and require a participant to give their undivided attention to maximize the return on your investment, and DRG can support the initiatives of your company.

Customize your Drake Resource Group web development project to include:

• Color, animation or video to enhance visual interest
• Web-based training courses
• Database integration with your native system or network
• Hybrid training – web-based and live instructor-led workshops
• Easily accessible pre- and post-testing checkpoints for learners
• Post-training reference materials and ongoing support

When it comes to ensuring that your employees take away the same information, it makes sense to provide them with numerous opportunities to supplement their existing knowledge. DRG is the best choice for flexible learning and follow-up experiences.

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